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Mission Statement: 

Provide a healthy, plant-based food option in the Village of Potsdam, utilize environmentally conscious methods and products, source organic and local ingredients as much as possible, and provide education to the community on ways to live a healthy lifestyle. 


The Cafe:

Come enjoy the local art, hand crafted items, and craftsmanship within the cafe. The North Country has wonderful talent that we want to show off and support. We have also made efforts to utilize 

The Owners: Lynzie & Scott Schulte

The owners met back in '90s at Shenendehowa High School, down in the Capital District. They started dating when they were 16 then traveled out to Ohio for their college careers.

Lynzie received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Sciences from the 

University of Cincinnati and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The Ohio State University.  She worked clinically for over 10 years in hospitals treating acutely injured and ill individuals and worked in higher education as an adjunct faculty member. As a physical therapist she focuses and promotes healthy lifestyles, prevention of disease, and importance of nutrition in health and healing. 

Scott received his Bachelors of Science in Nursing from The Ohio State University and his Masters in Nurse Anesthesia from Akron University. As a Nurse Anesthetist he has seen the effects of unhealthy lifestyles and a need for change at any stage in life.


When a job opportunity at Canton-Potsdam Hospital presented itself, Lynzie and Scott decided it was a great time to get settled with their two kids and they moved the family from Cleveland to Potsdam in 2018.

Lynzie and Scott have both led active lifestyles since grade school with Lynzie growing up dancing and horseback riding, and Scott running cross-country and track. Over the last 20 years together, Scott has continued his endurance training with marathons and triathlons and Lynzie has progressed her activities with duathlons and half-marathons. Participation has ranged from being on a Division 1 college cross-country team, co-ed softball champions, and running and racing during two pregnancies.  Through all of this they have learned the importance of seeking proper nutrition for improved performance and healthy living.

sustainable products for our tables and seating which includes woods, metals, and recycled plastics. Repurposed items will also be utilized throughout the store to reduce waste heading to the landfill. Minimizing the use of virgin plastics and working towards zero waste is a goal of Foster the Plant Cafe so we can do our part in protecting the environment.

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